Sustainability of Small-Scale Fisheries: Assessing the Relevance of Cultural Heritage and Harmonisation with the Marine Environment

Sustentabilidade da pequena pesca: a importância da herança cultural e da harmonização com o ambiente marinho

Friday, 24th July 2020 from 16.00 to 17.30 BST

The meeting, chaired and facilitated by Jorge Gonçalves of the Centre of Marine Sciences (University of the Algarve), addressed the relevance of small-scale fisheries’ cultural heritage and the potential for sustainable, ecosystem-sensitive co-management in the Northeast Atlantic. 

Speakers and titles:

  • Establishing the sustainability potential of small-scale fisheries | Qual o potencial de sustentabilidade da pequena pesca? – Gonçalo Carvalho (Executive Coordinator, Sciaena)
  • Uses and customs of small-scale fisheries in Portugal | Usos e costumes da pequena pesca em Portugal – Inês Sousa (UAlg/CCMAR)
  • Impact assessment of small-scale fisheries in Portugal | Avaliação de impactos da pequena pesca em Portugal  Paulo Vasconcelos (IPMA)

Fishers, managers, officials, and those with an interest in the future co-management of small-scale fisheries in Portugal were invited to attend.

A  written summary of the event will be available shortly.