Total Economic Value of Small-scale Fisheries: Cultural Value, Natural Value and Food Provision

Valor económico total de la pesca artesanal: valor cultural, natural y provisión de alimento

Thursday, 9th July 2020 from 12:00 – 13:30 CEST

The meeting, chaired by Rosa Chapela, was facilitated by the CETMAR Foundation and addressed the significance of small-scale fisheries in terms of cultural, and economic value and food provision. The event and discussion were hosted in Spanish, and  focused on small-scale fisheries in the Northeast Atlantic.

Speakers and titles:

  • The significance of understanding small-scale fisheries’ economic and cultural value | ¿Por qué es importante conocer el valor económico y cultural para el sector pesquero artesanal? – Nicolás Fernández (Manager of the Lonja De Conil Fish Producers’ Organization PO-72 and Chair of the Traditional Fisheries Working Group of the South West Waters Advisory Council)
  • Small-scale fisheries’ natural and cultural heritage: source of economic value in fishing communities | Patrimonio natural y cultural de la pesca artesanal: fuente generadora de valor económico en las comunidades pesqueras Arantza Murillas (AZTI) & David Castilla (University of Huelva)

Fishers, managers, officials, and those with an interest in the future co-management of small-scale fisheries in Spain were invited to attend.

A written summary of the event will be uploaded shortly.