Managing Fisheries Better, Together.

Conserving Atlantic Biodiversity by Supporting Innovative Small-scale Fisheries Co-management

CABFISHMAN is an international project aimed at improving the protection of the marine environment and marine resources in the Northeast Atlantic. By engaging small-scale fisheries and facilitating a collaborative approach between stakeholders, the project seeks to establish an ecosystem-sensitive approach to management of small-scale fisheries in the area.

Stakeholder cooperation

Working closely with small-scale fisheries stakeholders to enable joint fisheries management.

Resource protection

Addressing transnational challenges to enhance marine resource protection.

Ecosystem-based management

Advancing towards ecosystem-based fisheries management in the Atlantic area.

Preserving biodiversity

Building a better understanding of the interactions between fisheries and ecosystem services.

The project seeks to build a future for small-fisheries management where fishers work confidently alongside managers, government officials and scientists. Together, facilitating a network of healthy, diverse ecosystems and fisheries in the Atlantic.

By engaging diverse groups with a stake in fisheries management the project will ensure that small-scale fisheries are included in decision making processes at all scales.