Meet Our Steering Group

CABFISHMAN is led by a core team of research partners working to advance ecosystem-sensitive co-management for small-scale fisheries in the Northeast Atlantic. Embodying the collaborative ethos of the consortium, each of CABFISHMAN’s five participant countries are represented within our Steering Group, with each member leading one of our core areas of work.

Arantza Murillas

Principal Researcher, Sustainable Fisheries Management, AZTI Foundation

Arantza holds a PhD in Economics and is currently the principal researcher of AZTI’s marine research division. Her work is centred on the field of marine socioeconomics, with a particular emphasis on the valuation of natural resources; economic assessment of ecosystem services; the maritime economy, and fisheries management. Arantza is the lead contact for the CABFISHMAN Project Coordination Team, taking responsibility for collaboration and coordination across all work packages, and draws upon her career experience and research expertise to lead the team specialising in fisheries ecosystem management.


Sébastien Demanèche

Fisheries statistician, French National Institute for Ocean Science

Throughout his career, Sébastien has specialised in fisheries data collection and the dissemination of knowledge through international forums, with a particular emphasis on small-scale fisheries. As a fisheries statistician, Sébastien brings his expertise to CABFISHMAN by leading the project’s Tool Development team in the creation of tools to enhance the usability of data collected. In addition, he will be advising on the best process for the harmonisation, analysis, and development of small-scale fisheries data, and the evaluation of data collection practices currently in use across the Northeast Atlantic area. 


André Carvalho

Researcher, Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere

André works in the division of modelling and management of fisheries resources at IPMA in Olhão, Portugal. Over the last few years, André has participated in a number of research projects on small-scale fisheries, from the characterisation of catches to the assessment of fishing impacts and the use of high-resolution location data to analyse and map the distribution of fishing effort. As part of CABFISHMAN, and as lead partner of the Natural Capital Team, André will contribute to promoting fisheries co-management and the sustainability of small-scale fisheries in the Northeast Atlantic.


Rosa Chapela

Head of Fisheries Socioeconomic Department, CETMAR

Rosa is the head of the Fisheries Socioeconomic Department at CETMAR. With a background in law, sustainable resources management, fisheries, and aquaculture, Rosa uses her passion for the marine environment to lead CABFISHMAN’s Engagement Team. Rosa is skilled at facilitating cooperation amongst diverse parties, leading projects to secure sustainable resources management and the ongoing development of coastal communities. Through CABFISHMAN, Rosa will work with stakeholders and researchers to structure ongoing communication, ensure the smooth validation of results, and enable efficient dissemination of information.


Mark James

Operations Director, Marine Alliance for Science & Technology for Scotland

Mark is the Operations Director for the Marine Alliance for Science & Technology for Scotland (MASTS). Having worked at the interface between science, policy, regulation, and industry for 25 years, Mark is perfectly suited to leading CABFISHMAN’s Communications Team. Mark has been directly responsible for developing and running a range of nationally important research programmes, with specific interests in the areas of aquaculture and fisheries. Within the scope of CABFISHMAN, he will contribute his scientific expertise to lead the communications for the project’s work on small-scale fisheries in the Northeast Atlantic.


Juan José García del Hoyo

Professor of Economics, University of Huelva

Juan José is a Professor in the Department of Economics for the University of Huelva. By researching optimal management policies, Juan José uses analysis of efficiency and productivity, food and agricultural markets, and cultural heritage to establish the tangible value of natural resources. Juan José formatted the statistical information system that has been in use across fisheries in Andalusia for the past 20 years, and will bring this knowledge to lead the team responsible for evaluating fisheries natural and cultural heritage value within CABFISHMAN. 


Estanis Mugerza

Researcher, Sustainable Fisheries Management, AZTI Foundation 

Estanis works in the marine research division of AZTI. His current focus is the design and coordination of a sampling programme for Basque Country fisheries, operating within the specifications of the European Data Collection Framework. In addition, Estanis is responsible for managing AZTI’s fisheries database and the statistical analysis of fisheries data. As part of CABFISHMAN, Estanis leads the Small-Scale Fisheries Innovation team, combining his biological knowledge and experience of innovation to contribute to the creation of an ecosystem-led approach to fisheries management.