As part of European Maritime Day’s #EMDInMyCountry, CABFISHMAN partners hosted a series of events exploring the value and heritage of small-scale fisheries in the Northeast Atlantic. Hosted in English, the final event of the series ‘Stories from the sea: Cultural value of Ireland’s coastal communities’ was held online on Wednesday 14th July, 15:00 – 16:30 BST.


Stories from the sea: Cultural value of Ireland’s coastal communities


Ireland has a rich maritime history with coastal communities that have been shaped by the activities of small-scale fisheries. While an economic value has been put on these activities, their influence on social and cultural life in Ireland is more difficult to measure and as a result, it is an often-overlooked aspect of fisheries management.

During this interactive event, chaired by Richard Curtin (BIM), an expert panel of speakers shared stories from the sea, exploring how they may change the way we think about socio-cultural capital values of small-scale fisheries in Ireland.


Details of speakers and presentations can be found below:

Welcome – Jim O’Toole – CEO of BIM

Oceans of Wisdom – insight the Irish language gives us into the richness of our coastline – Manchán Magan, writer and documentary-maker, author of ‘Thirty-two words for field: Lost words for of the Irish landscape’.

The Seine Fishing Heritage of south Kerry and west Cork, with a particular focus on the role of women – Mary McGillicuddyría, researcher of seine boat fishing traditions and heritage, South Kerry.

The heritage of community labour and the realities of economic efficiency – John B. Roney, Professor of History, Sacred Heart University; co-Director Dingle Campus, County Kerry.

Dúchas | Heritage Séainín Johnson, third generation fisherman, Kerry.


Attendees were invited to submit questions to the panel throughout the event, and an interactive discussion gave speakers and attendees the opportunity to share opinions, ideas, and personal perspectives on the cultural heritage and value of small-scale fisheries in Ireland.

Hosted in English, the event was of particular interest to researchers interested in fisheries’ cultural heritage, Fisheries Local Action Groups, members of the fishing industry, NGOs, and all those involved in small-scale fisheries in Ireland’s Northeast Atlantic.

A video recording of the event can be found below.