As part of European Maritime Day, CABFishMan celebrated the varied contributions made by people all across the Northeast Atlantic to support small-scale fisheries. As #InfluencersOfTheSea, they are central to collaborative management that supports the holistic welfare of artisanal fisheries! 


All across the Northeast Atlantic people work to support and celebrate their small-scale fisheries every day. From the fishermen who use sustainable, traditional practices, to the regulators who support them, and the members of the general public who buy locally-caught seafood, we want to celebrate all those who support artisanal fisheries.


As part of European Maritime Day’s #EMDInMyCountry, CABFishMan launched a campaign to spotlight this support network! Via social media and email, we asked all those involved with small-scale fisheries across the Northeast Atlantic to submit a video, sharing how they support small-scale fisheries, and become #InfluencersOfTheSea.


We received video submissions from some of our stakeholders and project partners highlighting their advocacy for small-scale fisheries. 

Our project partners Bord Iascaigh Mhara produced a video on celebrating those working to collaboratively support Ireland’s small-scale fisheries, and recognising the importance of Ireland’s small-scale fishers and their cultural heritage. The video suggests ways of how we can all help small-scale fishers, such as buying seafood directly from fishers or from local markets. 

Séamus Breathnach, Jerry Early, and Ian Lawler propose initiatives that should be developed to ensure the sustainability of the small-scale fishing sector in Ireland. These include new policies that focus on small-scale fisheries, and a proper management system for inshore fisheries that is co-constructed by inshore fishers and governmental organisations. 

Watch the video below to find out more:


Local fishermen, a marine conservationist, and fishing representatives from Armação de Pêra Fishermen’s Association, Albufeira Fishing Professionals Association, and Fuzeta Fishing Shipowners Association created an idyllic video by the sea surrounded by fishing boats. Manuel João, Miguel Reis, Nuno Martins, Sónia Olim, Nicolas Blanc, and Fábio Mateus all shared the actions they take to support small-scale fisheries, and gave their view on the initiatives needed to ensure the sustainability of the sector. Manual João emphasised how the particiPESCA project, working to support octopus fisheries, is trying to find solutions that will contribute to the future of stocks, catches, and fishermen’s incomes – all of which are fundamental for the preservation of the historical and traditional SSF community on the Algarve coast.

Take a look at the video below to hear all about it:


Across four weeks, the #InfluencersOfTheSea campaign received five video submissions via Twitter highlighting individuals’ support for small-scale fisheries, including enjoying seasonal delicacies and sharing stories of small-scale fishing!

Author Jenny Jefferies championed small-scale fisheries by sharing her book, For The Love Of The Sea – a narrative cookbook showcasing stories steeped in small-scale fishers’ heritage and recipes using species caught  by North East Atlantic by small-scale fisheries!

CABFishMan partner Mariola North profiled the journey of small-scale fisheries, starting from being out at sea catching delicious seafood to taking it back to port to be sold at auction, to finally being available for our consumption. 

You can see these submissions on our Twitter page