The CABFishMan GeoTool is an accessible inventory of the estimated value of cultural heritage derived from small-scale fisheries across the Atlantic Area. Informed by the input of stakeholders in Portugal, Spain, the UK, Ireland, and France, the tool is underpinned by detailed research and robust evaluation of the socio-economic value of small-scale fisheries’ heritage.

Click on the image below to navigate to the GeoTool. Use the options provided within the tool to explore the environmental footprint, fishing activity, economic value, and territorial divisions of small-scale fisheries across the Northeast Atlantic.





CABFISHMAN seeks to build a future for fisheries management where fishers work confidently alongside managers, government officials and scientists. Together, facilitating a network of healthy, diverse ecosystems and fisheries in the Northeast Atlantic.

By engaging diverse groups with a stake in fisheries management the project will ensure that small-scale fisheries are included in decision making processes at all scales.

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