Our small-scale fisheries research seeks to compile and evaluate all existing knowledge on fishing practices in the Northeast Atlantic. By understanding the practices in use across the region we can identify areas – both geographical and academic – in which knowledge gaps may exist.

This research can be broken down into a series of actions which, when completed, will result in the creation of a resource that provides relevant information and recommendations on marine management, habitat protection and stakeholder involvement:

  • Collation and evaluation of current sector practices in the Northeast Atlantic.
  • Standardisation of spatial and biological data from across the small-scale fisheries fleet, allowing for a standard practice to be established.
  • Transformation of this information into detailed maps depicting small-scale fisheries distribution across the Northeast Atlantic.

The research partners collaborating on small-scale fisheries research are using their skills in analytics, marine planning and mapping to produce a resource that is accessible, relevant and useful to all parties, and works in accordance with EU and wider regulatory bodies.

 Lead partner: AZTI Foundation

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