CABFISHMAN is working to combine knowledge on fisheries management across the Northeast Atlantic in order to advance the assessment of ecosystem services and the economic capacity of fishing grounds in the region. To do this we are:

  • Conducting a full evaluation of the economic importance of North Atlantic fishing grounds and their associated carbon footprint;
  • Evaluating methods currently in place for enabling and regulating ecosystem services;
  • Conducting an in-depth examination of the biological, social, cultural, economic and political importance of Northeast Atlantic fishing grounds in conjunction with outputs from the project’s other research divisions;
  • Working with local bodies and other related operations, such as Marine Protected Areas to build an overview of initiatives already at work in the region;
  • Compiling a portfolio of recommendations for ecosystem-led management initiatives.

Our work on fisheries management allows stakeholders to take progressive steps towards crafting a management strategy that prioritises marine ecological wellbeing and engenders ongoing prosperity for small-scale fisheries.

Lead partner: AZTI Foundation

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