Fishing grounds hold value far beyond their economic prospects. To ensure that the Northeast Atlantic is managed in a way that truly represents its rich and diverse potential, CABFISHMAN takes a holistic approach to the assessment of the socioeconomic importance of the region.

Our approach involves:

  • A full evaluation of Northeast Atlantic cultural ecosystem services.
  • Consideration of the value of natural and cultural heritage derived from the fishing industry.
  • Total economic analysis of the wider-reaching elements of small-scale fishing. For example: the inherent value of fisheries heritage to local culture and the welfare of coastal communities in relation to the productivity of small-scale fisheries.

We aim to ensure that co-management prioritises the needs of fishermen and all those dependent on the small-scale fishing industry, whether for food, employment or cultural identity.

By taking a total view of the economic, social, cultural and environmental value of both marine ecosystems and fisheries we will be able to make relevant recommendations for management. These recommendations will be people-focused, allowing for best practice in policy making and ecosystem management.

Lead partner: University of Huelva

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