CABFISHMAN is developing resources that will be available to the small-scale fishing sector, policy makers, industry leaders, environmental organisations, members of the scientific community, and all other individuals with an interest in the project. These tools will be available beyond the duration of the project, ensuring a lasting, useful legacy.

Such resources will offer a wide scope of benefits, including:

  • Access to geo-localised transnational scientific data on small-scale fishing activity.
  • Enhancing existing knowledge of the interaction between small-scale fisheries and coastal ecosystems.
  • Coordination of – and easy access to – datasets built up across multiple categories (fishing activity, gear impact assessment, economic value, social dependency).
  • Creation of a user-friendly interface for data analysis and management.
  • Support for the development of education materials.

Through this tool development we are able to establish clear routes to access information that are applicable to all stakeholders, allowing for long-term collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Lead partner: French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea 

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