As part of CABFishMan’s aim to generate holistic understanding of small-scale fisheries, project partners from INDUROT and the University of Oviedo developed a series of outreach sessions for children in Asturias. More than 200 pupils, aged between 7 and 10 years, joined the lessons, which were delivered across six schools in the region.

The sessions focused on the various ecosystem services and cultural heritage factors that are derived from small-scale fisheries, with an emphasis on those relevant to the Asturias region of Spain. Using a series of interactive activities, the workshops explored common fish species found in Asturian small-scale fisheries, matching them with the different gear types used to catch them. The activities drew upon research undertaken by CABFishMan to create a holistic understanding of small-scale fisheries, and the various gears, environments, cultures, and stakeholder priorities within then, adapting core project outputs to enhance their impact with young audiences. 

The resources used during the sessions are available to download, in Spanish, below, and are designed for use by children between 7 and 10 years of age. 

If you would like to access these resources in English, French or Portuguese, please get in touch with us via email