CABFISHMAN is coordinated by representatives from a number of the project’s research partners. Taking charge of the project’s facilitation, our Coordination Team has the ultimate responsibility for managing CABFISHMAN’s budget. This team enables productive collaboration across the project – ensuring that all parties, internal and external, are working towards common goals. Through this, they help deliver recommendations that will allow a smooth transition to an ecosystem-based co-management program for the Northeast Atlantic.

The group holds regular meetings with the leaders of each division of CABFISHMAN’s work, making regular checks on progress and development. In addition, our project coordinators call an annual meeting to monitor progression towards CABFISHMAN’s long-term objectives and ensure that the project remains true to its core commitments:

  • Delivering practical outputs that can be implemented to support society.
  • Empowering industry parties in fisheries management and preserving productive ecosystems.
  • Preserving cultural and social heritage derived from fishing.
  • Safeguarding and promoting marine biodiversity.

Our project coordinators work closely with the Communication Team to maintain regular contact with stakeholders and to share outputs and progress updates throughout the project’s lifetime.

Lead partner: AZTI Foundation

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